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770 GMAT score & Harvard Business School!

I worked with Tara for several weeks this past spring on GMAT math, which culminated in a 770 GMAT score (99th percentile: 49Q / 45V). I’m writing this review because I am pleased with my score, and believe that Tara is directly responsible for the good results, as I had been scoring in the high-600s / low-700s on practice tests prior to working with him.

A few points I’d like to touch on:

1) Intellect – Tara is, hands down, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He is so quick with numbers, which was very helpful while we were going through the hardest GMAT math problems. He has an advanced science degree from University of Chicago and is quantitatively solid.

2) Ability to teach difficult concepts – during the actual GMAT exam, especially toward the end of the quantitative section (where the questions are the very hardest if you’re getting the earlier ones correct), there were 7 or 8 questions where I remember arriving at an answer and thinking “wow, this is exactly how Tara taught me to do it,” or “I’m glad that Tara taught me that shortcut.” The time we spent together definitely contributed to my ability to get some of the hardest GMAT questions right.

3) Dedication / alignment of interests – one of the things I worried most about when finding a tutor was whether the individual would have my best interests at heart. From the beginning, Tara was highly invested in my success. I’d get text messages from him (at random times) with photos of GMAT problems and solutions that would be similar to the ones we had gone through during our sessions – they would include helpful tips and “here’s another way to approach it if you get stuck” type commentary. It is clear that Tara takes immense pride in his work, and he’s always thinking about you, even outside of your sessions. He also spent lots of time outside of class looking through specific questions that I had emailed him in advance. Also, he sent me messages of encouragement and helped me manage some of the emotional / psychological aspects of the test as well. He clearly had an intrinsic urge to help me do well.

4) Personality – I know this might not seem immediately relevant to some folks, but I also want to note that Tara is humble, ­­understanding, and patient. He has a very cool / calm / collected demeanor, which makes him very easy to work with. Despite the GMAT being a horror of an exam, I always looked forward to our sessions. He’s also open-minded about how you arrive at your answers – I’ve found that some tutors try to force you to do problems their way, but Tara takes the time to figure out how you approach the problem, and then gives an objective critique of your approach (often, he has a much faster way that he can show you). He is very easygoing and low-ego.

I took the Manhattan GMAT course a few years ago, and have done a bunch of Manhattan and Official Guide problems, with lots of spinning my wheels and no real improvement. Tara added direction and structure to my studying, and taught me how to approach the toughest math problems. I took a lot of time deciding which tutor I wanted to work with, and I’m very glad that I went with Tara. I think this is some of the best money I’ve ever spent, and it was completely worth it.

I unconditionally recommend Tara. Happy to discuss this further if anyone is on the fence or has any questions at all. Feel free to shoot me a message at coliou2 @ gmail. Good luck!

Cal L - 05/06/2016
From 620 to 760 and Admission to Dartmouth!

If your goal is to succeed on the GMAT or a serious standardized test, my biggest piece of advice is: use Tara.

I started my MBA application process with the lofty goal of being accepted by a highly selective business school. Unfortunately, my first GMAT practice exam put me nowhere near the range of most applicants to those schools (620). On top of that, I was a philosophy major in undergrad, so I knew the questions about my quant skills could potentially be major marks against me for the business school admission committees. To that end, I realized that a huge portion of their assessment of my quantitative skills would come from the GMAT. As such, doing well became very important to me. Again, I did not have a math background and was scoring well below my goals on practice tests.

To help me, I figured I needed someone who knew the GMAT inside and out and someone who had succeeded on it before to show me how to be most successful. I looked online and found stellar reviews for Tara, and called him that day. He was very flexible with timing, and as I worked full-time, was willing to meet me at nights to help me prepare.

Between working full-time and taking grad school classes, I told Tara that I only had time for 6 1-hour sessions, once per week. I told him that I was scoring between 41 and 42 on the quantitative section and asked him to honestly tell me if I could significantly improve that score in 8 weeks. Tara told me he would help me work as hard as I was prepared to work to achieve the highest score possible. With his encouragement I decided to really put in some time studying and signed up for six sessions with him.

15 minutes into the first session I already could tell what a game changer Tara was going to be. Within those first few minutes he had assessed my quantitative knowledge and figured out where the holes in my capabilities were. By the end of an hour, he had written out 8+ pages of clear notes and strategies that proved invaluable in my prep for the GMAT. These were not the typical rules that books take you through in 500 pages, where you waste time re-reading strategies you already know– these were clear, concise, pragmatic strategies that helped fill gaps in my knowledge that were directly applicable to individual GMAT questions. Most of what I saw were rules and techniques that I had never even heard of before, but that helped me on GMAT questions.

That night, after one session, my GMAT practice already felt significantly easier. Each week Tara would focus on several of my weaknesses, using a combination of lecturing, doing practice problems together, independent practice work, and taking actual tests together to help make sure I would be comfortable with any sort of question the GMAT could throw at me.

And every week, for all six weeks, I left with a packet of new strategies that gave me ways to attack problems that I had previously thought I would never be able to answer. Tara offered simple techniques that allowed me to answer supposedly hard questions quite easily. I could feel my progress accelerating as I became excited for the date of GMAT.

Tara was so thorough in his teaching of number properties and strategies to use on any and all GMAT questions, that by the end of my studying I had trouble finding questions that I no longer knew how to do. Through all six weeks, he continued to give me new tricks and knowledge that I had not previously had.

Throughout our lessons, I came to view Tara almost as a super computer– I could not find a question that gave him any trouble at all, or that even caused him a moment of hesitation. And yet despite this intellectual prowess, not once did he seem condescending, arrogant or judgemental of my significant quantitative shortcomings. To the contrary, he was quite disarming and actually a lot of fun to work with. He was very supportive and continued to give me confidence as I got closer and closer to the big day– he was just a genuinely cool guy. I actually chose to meet a final time with Tara the week before my GMAT, and once again he gave me about 6-7 new strategies, 5 of which I used exactly as they were taught to me on the test 10 days later.

When the day of the test arrived, I spent the hour before the test reading through Tara’s notes for the 100th time. I was nervous, but as soon as I actually began the test, the nerves dissipated as, question after question, I kept going back to strategies Tara taught me. I found myself, on almost every question, going back to an explicit strategy we had covered together.

I could not believe my results: an 8 on Integrated Reasoning, and a 49 Quant. Combined (with a 44 verbal) it was a 760 overall score (99th percentile), far above my target score. Looking back I know this was a direct result of my work with Tara. I am very appreciative and incredibly thankful for Tara and the time we spent together, and I could not recommend him more strongly! Thank you for everything Tara!

Noah G - 20/11/2016
Improved GMAT by 140 points and admitted to Harvard Business School

Tara is absolutely the best. With his help, I improved my GMAT score 140 points and was admitted to Harvard Business School!

I began my GMAT preparation with a Manhattan GMAT online class and MGMAT workbooks. I even added a MGMAT private tutor (who was 3x more expensive than Tara), but I still couldn’t crack the test. I then searched for help elsewhere and was fortunate to find Tara, who was the highest ranked tutor on every online forum I visited. With his help, I developed the skills, and more importantly, the confidence to tackle the GMAT.

Tara is patient, thoughtful, and adaptive — and he creates a customized approach for each student. I am proud to call Tara a friend. He is truly the best in the business.

Brad M - 29/03/2016
13-point improvement on the Quant section

I first started working with Tara in May, and decided to work with him after reading his positive Yelp reviews and our 20-minute trial session.

Before I met Tara, I had taken an online course and spent months self studying but did not see any improvement. I was cutting it close to my targeted test date and was losing confidence that I would see any additional score improvement.

In just TWO months after working with Tara, he helped me increase my raw score (out of 60) by 13 points! My dramatic improvement is a testament to Tara’s teaching method, his mastery of the material (you can ask him any question and he will be able to explain it very clearly), and his custom notes that he uses during his sessions.

Tara was also very helpful in teaching me test time management and mental math shortcuts (that are useful even outside of the test).
I also enjoyed Tara’s online teaching platform. It cuts down on commute time and allows maximum flexibility if you travel for work or have varying work hours.

In short – Tara is one of the best math tutors I have ever worked with. He takes the time to understand your goals and is always encouraging. I strongly recommend him if you are looking for help in test prep!!

CYT - 07/12/2019
From 38 to 47 quant on the GMAT

I highly recommend Tara if you are looking for quant test prep.

Tara’s teaching philosophy is unique. Tara knows the test exceptionally well. The way he structures his content will help you cut out the noise and fluff you sometimes get from formal test prep courses. He shares little things, such as timing strategies and shortcuts, that will help get you to your target score.

I’ve worked with tutors in the past, where I spent the majority of the sessions working on problems myself. The tutors shared a list of problems, had solutions next to them, and referred to the solutions verbatim if I had questions. Unlike these tutors, Tara ACTUALLY teaches. Every question he puts in front of you is very intentional. Tara knows exactly what each question is testing and makes sure you understand. If you don’t, he remembers and knows where to find similar questions for you. He expects you to do your homework, put in the hours on your own, learn the basics, and bring him questions. You will get so much more from time spent with Tara than most of the tutors out there.

I also had zero issues working with Tara online. He’s actually incredibly proficient at using the digital tools available to replicate an in-person session. Again, Tara does this way better than other online tutors I’ve worked with. The way he writes out his notes and works through the problems live with you online is very structured and easy to follow.

Working with Tara helped improve my GMAT quant score from 38 to 47. My overall GMAT score also improved 100 points. I am retaking my GMAT to put my best foot forward. I am confident that the foundation I gained from working with Tara will take my score to the next level.

Set up a trial session with him, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

YC W - 30/11/2019
41 to 48 GMAT quant; admission to Hass Berkeley

Thanks to Tara, my quant score jumped from a 41 to 48, which improved my overall score to 710 and helped me gain admission to Haas!

Prior to meeting Tara, I studied for the GMAT for about 3.5 months and was seeing minimal to no improvement in my quant score. After finding out about him and reading many positive reviews, I decided to give him a try. Unlike some of his other students that have posted reviews in the past, Tara and I worked exclusively through Skype sessions as I preferred early morning tutoring. Despite my hesitation about this format, it actually ended up working spectacularly – our sessions
on a digital platform were just as effective as any other format would have been.

In terms of the sessions themselves, I can only echo the sentiments of my peers – Tara is not only incredibly smart and patient but also very flexible in terms of his teaching style. I immediately found that the order in which Tara teaches GMAT quant topics made so much more sense to me than the way in which Manhattan had me studying. I also felt like our sessions were completely tailored to me. We slowed down in areas where I struggled, but also sped up in areas where I was excelling and combined certain topics to move more quickly where I wanted to. At the end of each session, Tara would send me our marked-up notes from that morning, which quickly became my go-to study guide. During my last couple days of studying, I spent the majority of my time reviewing these notes and found that during the actual exam that I kept coming back to concepts and quick tips that Tara had taught me along the way.

It is probably also worth mentioning that the approximately 2.5 months Tara and I worked together were some of the busiest in my professional life. I had to move multiple sessions on him because I was pulling all-nighters at work and literally working past our 5:30 a.m. start times. The two weeks leading up to my exam were primarily spent juggling my full time job and an externship I had just started. Despite all of this, I raised my quant score by 7 points from a 41 to a 48 and my overall score to a 710. I know with absolute certainty that I owe this all to the work I did with Tara. He made the 700-level quant concepts that I could not seem to master using Manhattan stick and stick well enough that my quant score improved dramatically despite my busy schedule at work.

Thank you Tara!

Matt M - 31/05/2019
+100 points and admission to Booth

I contacted Tara as I was looking for assistance in preparing for the GMAT exam. Tara exceeded my expectations as a tutor and I am happy to recommend him to anyone preparing for a standardized exam. In addition to being very knowledgeable in the subject matter tested on the GMAT exam, I also found Tara to be great at communicating/explaining concepts. This is especially true of the math topics – this is obviously a passion of his. He was patient as we worked through the material and flexible regarding time/location for our meetings. At the price he is charging, I can safely say that a student of his gets much more than they pay for. After working with Tara, my score improved 100 points and I was admitted to The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Michael D - 01/04/2016
From 610 to 710 GMAT

I decided to contact Tara after taking my initial GMAT in June (got a 610) because I needed to brush up on some math concepts that I was struggling with. After working with him for 5-6 weeks and retaking the GMAT in August, I was able to increase my score by 100 points to a 710! He was extremely helpful in explaining the core concepts and shortcuts of the quantitative section. I would absolutely recommend Tara to anyone for GMAT or other standardized test prep!

Carlos - 20/08/2013
Accepted to Booth and Kellogg

Tara met with me on short notice (same day), and he was also flexible with scheduling. Tara helped me with GMAT tutoring, and he has helped me feel much more confident going into the GMAT quant. He is patient, thorough, and helped make the GMAT quant as entertaining as it can be.
This is an update to the previous review I left for Tara. I was scoring around 590-600 on the GMAT when I originally met with Tara. He helped me improve my score over two weeks to a 640, and then I met with him again for another three weeks, before taking the GMAT a second time. On my second attempt, I scored a 660. I am excited to report that I have been accepted to both The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management for their part-time evening programs. Tara, thank you so much for your help!

Jen S - 12/09/2013
MBA at a top institution

I should have submitted a review for Tara a long time ago. I originally contacted that to help me with the GMAT. He was flexible and know how to find the balance between pushing me to do my best while being patient working through my math weaknesses. I started testing pretty well in my GMAT practice exams so I decided to take the test. Even though my actual exam didn’t reflect my improvement and strong practice exams scores, they were not bad. Tara offered to provide additional help before I took it again. I decided to take the GRE instead and Tara helped me prepared for that as well. With his insights, tricks and patience I was able to do really well in my GRE and now I am going to a top school to pursue my MBA. Tara is a great tutor and person, and I definitely will recommend him to anyone!

Catalina - 17/06/2013
100-point improvement in 4 weeks

Tara was great. Helped me raise my score by 100 points only after 4 weeks!

Michael W - 19/11/2012
Can’t recommend Tara highly enough for GMAT

Tara is a great tutor and I cannot recommend him highly enough for any test prep. Specifically, I used him for GMAT prep.

I began working with Tara a few weeks before my scheduled exam. I had not yet used a personal tutor and my progress had plateaued. Within the first week of working with Tara, my quant score showed significant improvement, which continued up until test day. In fact, my verbal score improved, as well, due to the pacing strategy that he suggested. Despite only working with him for a short while, my overall score improved greatly.

Tara has the ability to adapt to his students on the fly, and is skilled enough to write his own questions based on specific topics he might notice a student struggling with. He is incredibly knowledgeable in all subject areas and did a great job helping me improve in the areas I was struggling with the most.

In addition to being a great tutor, Tara was a great person to talk to. He was very much interested in getting to know me, and I believe that made a huge difference in the entire process.

I am very grateful for all of his help, and I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with Tara.

Mark Daugherty - 18/07/2018
Kellogg Part Time

I have had the pleasure of working with Tara on 2 occasions over the past few years. Tara first helped me prepare for the Quantitative portion of the GMAT exam. My comfort level and confidence increased significantly during the 8-10 weeks I worked with Tara prior to the exam. Once accepted to Kellogg’s part time MBA program I reached out to Tara again for tutoring in my Statistics course. Tara is extremely patient, and explains complicated concepts in a clear and understandable manner for students of all levels. I am lucky to have found Tara and would recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area looking for help with quantitative test prep or math courses in school.

Jason G - 13/06/2017
He is The Best!

I have been seeing Tara for a couple of sessions now for GMAT tutoring and I have to say he is the best! I have improved my timing, learned different strategies, and feel a lot more confident in approaching problems. If you are struggling with GMAT Math Tara is the way to go. Thanks Tara!

Heather P - 02/09/2012
A Rockstar Tutor!

I was in desperate need of help for studying for the GMAT. I’ve been out of college for 14 years and I needed to start from the ground up! I came to this site and immediately found Tara. I entered my info and received a response from him within 1 hour. Within 1 week we were meeting to get started. Tara was a tremendous help, he taught me many tips and tricks on how to solve simple to more complex math problems. We met almost weekly for 15 weeks, while I attended a GMAT prep course, he helped me with my homework and taught me something new each week. Though I have not taken the GMAT yet, I feel more confident than I did when I first started. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for help in math! He’s a rockstar tutor!

Chris K - 07/02/2015
Encouraging and friendly

Tara is Fantastic! He caught onto my issues right away and found several ways to explain things to me so I could understand. He also altered the explanations when I did not understand. Tara is also friendly and interesting to talk to. His encouragement is making me rethink my goal for the GMAT. I was considering going for only a 600. With Tara’s encouragement and tutelage now I’m going for 700 or more. I’m taking the exam early next year, and will update my review once finished. Thank You TARA!!

Barb C - 27/10/2011
Good at what he does

I’ve been meeting with Tara for a little over a month to prepare for the Quantitative portion of the GMAT. He’s extremely helpful, patient and good at what he does. He’s helped me with general knowledge, exam prep and tricks/tools to help me improve my scores. While I’m hoping I won’t have to take the GMAT again after next week, I will definitely go back to Tara if that is the case.

Brett - 22/10/2012
Identifying clues and time-efficient solutions

I am an Economics major from the University of Chicago and I have been meeting with Tara for 3 months and have seen great results, my quantitative score has risen dramatically. He is excellent at identifying your individual weaknesses and tailoring your sessions to combat those weaknesses. Tara has helped me most with my strategy and approach to the quant questions. Adopting the strategy that he advised has helped increase my chances of getting individual questions correct, as well as improve my timing which has previously been a major problem for me. Tara helps you BEAT the quant section of the GMAT. He teaches you to notice clues in the question that you would have otherwise missed and to pick apart the question using logic to make the question easier and reduce the time needed to answer it. Not only is this an easier approach and requires less advanced math skill to implement, it also reduces the amount of time spent on most questions. I have fully committed and implemented the things I’ve learned from Tara over the past few months, and if I had to do it all over, I wouldn’t hesitate hiring him again as my tutor.

Chad J - 07/01/2014
From completely overwhelmed to clarity and confidence

I have decided to get my masters and take the GMAT. I have not been in school for 6 years and forgotten everything there is to know about math. Tara has been a savior. He was very understanding and began teaching me the basics to ensure a solid foundation for the GMAT. He is very knowledgeable about what is on the test and the important skills needed to pass. When I don’t understand a question he is great at breaking it down and explaining each aspect of the question. After 4 sessions I have gone from being completely overwhelmed by the test to having the clarity and confidence to score much higher than I ever thought possible. He is also very accommodating and comfortable to work with. If you are in my same position I would highly recommend Tara as a tutor no matter what level of math you are at.

Jon H - 09/03/2020
Patient and flexible

Tara was a great tutor who helped me prepare for the GMAT exam. I was anxious about the Quantitative section of the exam, but Tara helped me review math skills I hadn’t remembered since high school. He was very patient when explaining the concepts in my GMAT Math Review book. He was also flexible about when and where we could meet. I highly recommend tutoring with Tara!

Garbriela V - 08/03/2020
Clear and well thought out process of teaching

Tara has been a great resource in helping me prepare for my upcoming GMAT exam. He has a very clear and well thought out process of teaching that I imagine would be effective for just about anyone from all levels of skill and background. He is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their quantitative scores.

Nick H - 03/12/2014
Wish I had hired him sooner!

A week before my scheduled GMAT exam, I realized that I greatly needed a tutor if I was going to feel comfortable with the quantitative section. I sent a desperate inquiry to Tara who responded in less than an hour! He was flexible with meeting times over the following days, and was very patient and encouraging. He did a brief assessment of my capabilities by giving me a few practice problems, and then focused on what concepts I struggled with and what I was most likely to see on the exam. He gave me a lot of shortcuts that were even more efficient than what I had learned from my Princeton Review course! I would highly recommend Tara. My only regret is not working with him earlier on in the process!

Mercedes B - 14/06/2012
Practical tips and ways to navigate through word problems

Tara is an excellent tutor. Tara helped me study for my GMAT by offering practical time saving tips, as well as teaching me how to navigate certain types of word problem through process of elimination. Tara also reinforced math concepts and assigned chapters for reading. I would highly recommend his services.

Noelle C - 21/11/2013
Tailored tutoring approach

Tara is great to work with. You should certainly pick him if you are studying for a standardized test. He is very smart but also very able to provide structured thought tailored to his students. Very helpful!

Darein B - 04/10/2013
Detailed and thorough

Tara, is an Excellent tutor. He is very detailed and thorough. My knowledge of math and my Gmat score definitely increased because of my tutoring sessions with him. He is Very kind and makes sure you understand the subject. I would highly recommend Tara to anyone.

Marsha F - 02/10/2011
DePaul MBA program

I’ve been very happy with my tutoring sessions and am feeling more confident about taking the GMAT after each session. I was able to improve my score and got accepted into DePaul’s MBA program!

Morgan C - 14/03/2020
Best tutor you could ask for

Tara is by far the best tutor you could ask for. I originally found Tara through an online tutoring website, and since I was studying for the GMAT I was immediately attracted to Tara’s background and expertise in mathematics.
After a few lessons with Tara, I was hooked. His teaching style is very easy to follow, and if you don’t understand a concept, he takes the time to explain in a way you can understand.

I also used Tara’s services for a certificate that is very reliant on the understanding of complex statistical analyses. Again, Tara came through with providing me with lessons that really helped me grasp the concepts and pass my exam.

Tara is very personable, and genuinely cares about his students and their success.

You will not find a better tutor.

Matthew T - 16/07/2019
From 159 to 167 GRE quant

Tara was a fantastic GRE tutor. I took the GRE three years ago (before I met with Tara) and scored a 159 on the quant section. After ~6 sessions with Tara, I was able to raise my quant score by 8 points. Tara has rules of thumb that are incredibly useful for improving mental math and test-taking speed. I ended up scoring:

verbal: 163
quant: 167
writing: 5.5

With Tara’s help, I was admitted into the following PhD programs:

UCLA Anderson School of Management, Behavioral Decision Research
Columbia Business School, Marketing
NYU Stern, Marketing
Haas Berkeley, Marketing
Carnegie Mellon, Social and Decision Sciences

5 STARS all the way!

Joseph R - 03/07/2017
160 to 166 on the GRE quant

Tara was incredibly helpful. Through working with him, I was able to get my GRE quant score up from 160 to 166. Tara clearly knows the test extremely well. He was able to show me small, nuanced tips and tricks that were easy to grasp and saved me huge amounts of time on the test. He was patient and accommodating, and worked to configure the lessons around what I needed help with. He was also quick to identify the issues that I myself didn’t know I was specifically struggling with, and was able to easily find similar problems to reinforce my newly learned skills.

I found the digital format of the sessions to be great. Tara recorded everything we discussed down in a digital notebook that I had access to after our sessions. Having the notes and problems written out were a great study aid.

I highly recommend Tara for anyone looking to improve their quantitative test scores!!

Anne S - 26/08/2019
Overall 20-point improvement on the new GRE

After completing a GRE prep course at Kaplan and showing little to no improvement, I knew I needed some extra help. I then found Tara who was not only extremely flexible but was also able to pinpoint my specific areas of improvement. After meeting regularly for just over a month and a half, he raised my overall score by almost twenty points in addition to teaching me basics in math that I had either entirely forgotten or never mastered. Because of his instruction and guidance, I was admitted to my top school of choice. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve his or her skills or preparing for a graduate test. Tara is incredibly knowledgeable and deeply dedicated to the success of his students.

Ally B - 01/04/2016
139 to 153 quant

I came to Tara with a narrow window of time before I was taking the GRE, and a lot of work I needed to do to make sure I didn’t bomb the math part of it. Tara remained optimistic I’d be able to succeed even in the face of my pessimism, and he put together a logical game plan for tackling each kind of math that would appear on the test. My score went up from a 139 on my first practice test to a 153 on the actual exam. The only thing I wish I had done more of were timed practice exams. Tara really helped me understand the concepts, but I got overwhelmed when I actually had the timer counting down on the test. Overall, I was very pleased with my results and very happy I used Tara as a tutor.

Jacob N - 06/12/2012
164 on the quant section

Tara is an exceptional tutor. He was always flexible and very responsive for setting up times to meet while I was studying. With tremendous help from Tara, I took my GRE exam today and scored a 164 out of 170 on the GRE math section.

Michelle - 26/07/2013
MBA at University of Chicago

After reading all Tara’s positive reviews, I decided to contact him for GRE tutoring. I’m so glad I did! During our first session, he determined a plan for the next few weeks. Tara was always patient and made unfamiliar concepts easy to understand. I struggled with some foundational quant concepts and Tara was able to explain them very clearly. My first GRE attempt was disappointing but after additional study time and focus on practice problems, I did end up scoring much higher on my second GRE attempt. I’m now an MBA candidate at the University of Chicago, and my time with Tara is coming in handy in my statistics class. Tara isnt’ just an excellent tutor. He’s also great to be around – always friendly and easygoing. Thank you, Tara!

Sarah J - 09/06/2019
Journey from 143 to 156 quant

Tara is an amazing tutor and I would recommend him to anyone interested in improving their GRE Quant Score. I contacted Tara only about 5 weeks before taking the GRE and within that short timeframe he was able to take me from a 143 (my diagnostic quant score) to a 156 (the quant score I received on test day). It is clear that Tara truly enjoys tutoring and really wants all his students to succeed. My friend and I shared tutoring sessions and even with two students, I felt like Tara gave us both equal amounts of attention. I would definitely recommend hiring Tara to tutor you if you are struggling with math.

Jennifer J - 04/12/2013
The hype on the reviews are true!

The hype on the reviews are true. Working with Tara has been an overall great experience. I worked with him for a basic overview in math skills and he has been a tremendous help. He knows the test extremely well and knows what you have to do to get the score you are looking for. Step by step he walks you through each subject like no book ever could. I will soon be retaking the GRE with his help and feel so much more confident now because of our tutoring sessions. I strongly recommend Tara.

Armando H - 15/01/2015
+12 quant score

Preparing for the Quantitative section of the GRE was overwhelming at first, as math has never been my strongest subject. A friend of mine recommended Tara’s tutoring services, and I am so glad that I met with him. Tara is a patient and knowledgeable teacher and he gave me tips that proved to be very useful on the test. I only met with Tara a few times before I took the GRE, but I was able to raise my Quantitative score by 12 points. I highly recommend him for anyone that needs some extra math help!

Lauren D - 18/08/2014
Deserves the top ranking

When I began my search for a tutor for GRE math it had been over a decade since I last cracked a math textbook. It can be intimidating to try to learn this subject again after so many years. Tara was very patient with me and made sure I understood the various concepts we tackled. He’s very flexible with meeting times and exceptionally smart- overall a wonderful tutor. Thanks to him, I scored higher on the GRE quantitative section than I could have hoped. He deserves the top ratings he has on this site.

Erin K - 26/04/2013
Miracle Worker!

Tara is a miracle worker. I came to him for tutoring for the GRE. Math is like a foreign language to me, and I needed to get my quant scores way up. For the first time in my life I was taught math in a way that I understand. With Tara’s help, in just one short week, I was able to hit my goal score. I definitely could not have done it without his extremely clear and helpful guidance.

Raina L - 15/03/2020
Was going to postpone my test, if not for Tara

I began working with Tara about a month ago, in preparation for the GRE. I had originally planned on just using prep books to study for the GRE and thought that after reading through the material, I would remember my math skills and would not have too much difficulty. I had been a good student in high school and college, so I thought all I needed was a refresher. However, no matter how many times I read through the material and tried to memorize the formulas, there were concepts that I just couldn’t get through and I was not doing well on the practice tests that I took. I had never worked with a tutor prior to this and my experience with Tara was wonderful. He was very accomodating to my hectic schedule and often would adjust dates/times for me. With his help, I learned different methods to solving problems that I was having trouble with that did not involve memorizing the formulas that I had in my books. It was much easier to re-learn these concepts while working with Tara. I was truely considering putting off graduate school for another year because I did not feel ready to take the GRE and my application deadline was approaching. I feel much more comfortable with the material now and am confident about taking the test this weekend. Thanks Tara!

Paulina S - 05/02/2014
160 on the GRE quant

Tara has been a great tutor. I had studied math a decade back and had lost touch quite a bit. Tara was extremely patient and taught me basics as well. He was very encouraging and that helped me get a great score in GRE (Quant). I got a 160/170. Thank you Tara for helping me achieve this. I truly wish the best for you in all your future ventures.

Pooja - 23/01/2014
Kept me active and engaged

I chose to take the GRE, and in preparation searched for a tutor in the Chicagoland area. After reading the reviews on this website, I chose to meet with Tara. He responded within 24 hours of contacting him, and promptly set up a convenient meeting place. Tara is very easy to talk to about problems and concerns, and has never made me feel inferior or stupid if I cannot figure something out….that being said, he always makes me attempt a problem before working through it and explaining it to me. I think this is one of the best reasons to choose Tara as a tutor. He will make you work through the problem to see what you are doing and then shows you how to approach a problem correctly or in an easier way. I have had tutors before who if I say ‘I don’t know how to do it’, they will automatically begin explaining it, and it still won’t make sense to me. Tara has me attempt a problem, and even if I get it wrong, I won’t forget how to do it since I was engaged in the problem from the beginning. Tara is easy to understand and I can say that all the reviews I read beforehand are true to a tee. He is very patient and I would recommend him to anyone looking for math help.

Megan S - 25/02/2012
Rebuilt my confidence and released anxiety

I would highly recommend Tara as your future math tutor due to the following reasons. I was in need of taking the GRE, and felt I needed extra help in preparing for the math section of the test. Tara was great at providing easy tips on how to save time on the test and refresh my memory on math concepts I have forgotten. With Tara’s help, my confidence was rebuilt and the previous anxiety associated with GRE math problems went away. In addition, Tara succeeds at tutoring groups. He tutored my friend and I at the same time, and was able to teach us both at a comfortable pace. Lastly, Tara will work with your schedule. He was more than willing to find a time that worked for both my friend and I.

Juliette - 21/11/2013
You won’t regret choosing him!

I have become one of his regular students. He has helped me a lot with GRE math. He thoroughly goes through the material to make sure I understand it all. You won’t regret choosing him!

Hien D - 03/07/2011
Quick calculations

My tutoring sessions with Tara was very helpful! My score in the quantitative section of the GRE has improved. The tips and techniques he taught me to use to shorten the time I consume in calculation really paid off. I’m glad I got the chance to work with him.

Bayan - 07/04/2016
Very patient and knowledgeable

Very patient and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend his services to anyone needing help with strategies and repetition. I was able to use strategy taught in quant to help with my verbal as well.

Oscar Y - 21/02/2014
Made the GRE prep a painless process

I have worked with Tara for the past few weeks and I have already seen an improvement in the practice tests I’ve been taking. He is very patient and tries to understand why I am choosing certain answers so that he can better redirect my efforts. He comes up with sample problems on the spot based on what type of question I am consistently missing. Tara has made reviewing the quantitative skills necessary for the GRE a relatively painless process and I appreciate his encouragement. Hopefully I can get an improved score next week!

Katie P - 12/10/2013
Shortcuts and guessing hacks

I’ve been working with Tara for about 3 weeks and can’t begin to tell you how much it is helping me prepare for the GRE. I took the test last year and scored really low in the quantitative section so I knew that if I wanted to retest and get a better score I was going to need some help from someone who could teach me how to do the kind of math the GRE includes. So this year I looked into some of the companies that offer classes and read the profiles of a number of tutors and untimely ended up contacted Tara. The first time I met with Tara I knew I was in good hands. Tara uses a variety of techniques to determine your strengths and weaknesses and then works to build your skill set so that you can effectively and efficiently tackle GRE math problems. For example, he will assign 4 or 5 problems and watch how I solve them. Once I’m done we will check the answers and he will give me feedback on ways I can increase speed when my answers are correct or help me see where I went wrong when my answers are incorrect. He also has me do drills where I have 30 seconds to make an educated guess for problems, then I solve the problems the long way, and check the answers. This has been very helpful in determining what kinds of problems I do not need to “solve” which ultimately leaves me with more time to tackle the harder questions. If you are thinking about spending the $1,200 + to take a GRE class or $150+/hour to tutor with one of the companies like Kaplan, don’t!! For a lot less money Tara will give your personal feedback and scaffold instruction that will target the specific areas where you need help. You can really tell that this is more than just a job to Tara. He cares about his students and works to make sure that you get everything you can out of your time with him.

Robyn - 06/10/2013
Bright and exceptional

Tara has only been of great help ever since I have been studying with him and he is very bright and exceptional at what he does. I have learned so many tricks and strategies for taking standardized tests and I can honestly say that I feel much more confident in my performance. Tests like the GRE, ACT and GMAT are very important tests and can determine one’s future in terms of college or graduate school. With Tara’s help I was extremely well prepared for the GRE and having invested the time and money with Tara I feel I have reached levels that I thought I could never achieve. It truly has paid off in the end.

Yanni A - 09/08/2014
Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching

Tara was truly an exceptional tutor! Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching and making sure I understood the material. I knew I was in good hands. With his help, I raised my GRE score noticeably. Overall, a great experience.

Robert W - 17/02/2013
Much more effective over Skype than in-person local tutors

I’ve only been working with Tara for a little over a week so far, but I feel like I’ve already learned so much. We’ve been working over skype on reviewing for the GRE mathematics and verbal sections, and I definitely feel so much more confident going into this test. I was not sure about tutoring over skype, but Tara has been more coherent and helpful over skype than the local tutors in person. Tara has a special way of creating real-life analogies and making difficult math concepts very fun and simple. For the verbal section, he comes up with original sentences with associations and images for each word that make the word easily stay in your memory. He’s also just a terrific, very approachable person, very much unlike other tutors who often come off as intimidating or cold. I definitely look forward to each tutoring session, as they are always both very enjoyable and productive. I’ve tried out other tutors in the past, and I can definitely say that Tara is by far the best you can find.

Lois - 18/09/2013
Unconventional methods and out-of-the-box thinking

I couldn’t have had a better experience with Tara! He identified my problem areas on the GRE and broke them down step by step, using real world examples. Questions that I couldn’t even start solving I am now doing in seconds! Worth every penny!

Grace K - 25/07/2013
Worth every penny!

I couldn’t have had a better experience with Tara! He identified my problem areas on the GRE and broke them down step by step, using real world examples. Questions that I couldn’t even start solving I am now doing in seconds! Worth every penny!

Demetri D - 18/03/2020
Just wonderful to work with

I had Tara help me with math concepts for the upcoming GRE test. Tara was on-time, prepared and just wonderful to work with. He has a very broad knowledge base and was easily able to explain difficult concepts in a way that allowed me to know the material. I very much recommend Tara to anyone that fits his knowledge base. – Drew

Dr. Kandilakis - 15/03/2020

With 3 weeks to prep for the GRE, I was concerned about my rusty math. Tara and I met for three sessions and his patient guidance was a lifesaver. He is reliable, prompt, and great at teaching. I recommend Tara without hesitation.

Catherine - 16/08/2012
Several ways to approach the problem

Tara is the best. He helped me relearn math I hadn’t seen in over 30 years–all in preparation for the GRE. In addition, he was patient and knew how to explain math problems in several different ways until I understood the concept. His flexibility with when he could tutor was an added bonus.

Raeanne - 09/08/2012
He made the tutoring about me, not him!

Tara was wonderful to work with and extremely accommodating. He helped me prepare for the math section of GRE. Not only is he a very astute math whiz, he made the tutoring experience about me and not about him, which I found from researching other tutoring services, was not the case as they tried to ‘fit me in’ their schedules based on what worked best for them. And as a full-time professional, I found this frustrating. I needed help–and fast. Tara called me within 20 minutes of my initial email to him and we scheduled a tutoring session for that night. I highly recommend Tara!

Marilyn - 15/06/2012
Patient and diligent

Tara was great at helping me boost my quantitative score for the GRE. Not only is he a wonderful tutor who could explain math concepts clearly and efficiently, he is patient and diligent in his teaching approach. I would definitely recommend Tara to anyone who seeks additional assistance in math.

Zandre L - 04/11/2011
Patient and helpful

Very patient and helpful. I have another session this week.

Sarah G - 28/05/2011
Strategies and logic

I have been studying GRE with Tara for a month and his classes are higly recomendable. Tara is a very good teacher, he teaches the necessary strategies to get a good score and also explains very patiently the sense and logic of those strategies. I have improve my math skills and knowledge in a significant level. He is an excelent and serious tutor and I hope to continue to improve.

Manuela - 23/10/2012
Math tricks

He was very good at teaching the tricks in the Math section of the GRE

Riley - 30/10/2012
Simplest solutions

I have been tutoring with Tara over a week now and he is really smart and awesome with numbers. He helps and advises as to how to solve a problem in the easiest and simplest way possible. I am really looking forward to my other sessions with Tara.

Pooja C - 10/09/2013
Makes sure you understand why an answer is correct

Tara is a wonderful tutor. He is very thorough and he breaks down the material really well. He also makes sure you understand why an answer is correct. As a result, I found my tutoring sessions with him to be worthwhile.

Jasmine - 23/09/2013
A perfect 36!!!

Tara has worked with our son for this past year, helping him with his BC Calculus and SAT/ACT tests preparation. Our son’s progress has been great with Tara’a help. Recently, he took his ACT test for the first time and got 36! Thanks to Tara, our son learned great tricks and study habits. I would recommend Tara again and again!

Theresa S - 25/04/2013
ACT: 25 to 31 after 6 sessions!

At first I got a 21 on the ACT, my sophomore year. Early on in my junior year I took it again, I got a 25. The next month I went back at it, 25 again. But, I studied with Tara for 6 sessions. In each session I learned something new that helped me better understand not just the material, but the way in which the ACT asked questions. I was therefore more prepared to not only be able to find the right answer, but I could also figure out what that answer would be in quicker ways than any teacher at school had taught me before. In short every session with Tara was invaluable for me, because when I took the ACT with the rest of my classmates at school I got a 31. It was as if every session helped increase my ACT by one point. Looking back on it all now I wouldn’t want to have any other tutor help me through the ACT. Tara as a tutor is very brilliant, patient and insightful. The only thing I regret about our sessions together is that I didn’t take at least 5 more, because who knows I might’ve gotten a 36. Sincerely Marco D.

Marco D - 07/11/2014
ACT: From 24 to 32!

My daughter started to prepare for ACT about 6 weeks ago – and progressed from a 24 to a 32. To support this achievement, Tara brought strategy on how to best approach this test, shared simplified methodologies for answering the questions, and of course also covered some of the content which needed some polishing. In other words, Tara looked at all the ways to improve the score – and that is what makes him so successful.

Isabel J - 24/03/2014
Regret not meeting him a year ago

Tara was referred to me by a good girlfriend whose daughter used him previously. He helped my son raise his ACT score by several points. My son always spoke highly of Tara after each session. Several of my friends will use Tara for ACT prep for their children. Tara was always available whenever we needed him. We used Tara services at least once or twice a week. My only regret is that we did not meet him a year ago. He had only been tutoring my son a couple months. I encourage every one that needs help with the ACT to use Tara. You will not be disappointed.

Deborah B - 17/11/2014
Improved by 4 points ACT

Tara was very effective helping my son study for the math section of the ACT exam. He gave him suggstions on how to do calculations more quickly and clarified problem areas. His score by improved by 4 points! Tara was flexible on schedule and meeting places which was ideal. We would definitley recommend Tara for math tutoring.

Virginia - 06/05/2012
Went through several tutors before we found Tara

Tara is an exceptional tutor who not only is extremely smart but also is an outstanding teacher. My son went through several tutors before we found Tara. He is intuitive, knows his material very well and is able to relate to students without intimidating them. He was able to really help my son in a way no other tutor could. I highly recommend Tara to anyone who needs help with school work or is prepping for ACT.

Huma G - 24/01/2012
Progressed more quickly than I expected

Tara is an excellent tutor. He tutored me not to long ago in Math when I was preparing for the ACT. I worked with him only a couple of times and when I retook the test, my Math score increased by three points! He was very approachable and understanding. Honestly, I did not expect my score to increase that much, but he taught me how to solve the problems on the test at a quicker pace.

Alexus - 15/11/2012
Tailored his tutoring to my level

In helping me prepare for the ACT, Tara has been doing a great job of tailoring his tutoring to my level. Not only did he provide me with some tips and strategies for working efficiently for the math section that are both useful for the test and universally applicable, but he also gave me an approach to the science section that helped me answer almost all of the questions correctly on a practice test. I hope to pursue a career in science, so I’m thrilled that Tara’s methods for the science section of the ACT are working for me. He also helped me with the reading section. Thanks, Tara!

Talia W - 03/01/2013
Truly cares and loves what he does!

I can say so many things about Tara he is patient and very kind and humble.I was looking so long for a tutor that would care.Tara loves what he does and he believes in his students.He stays in contact with his students also will help with any problems if his students need him.My son changed after one session he gave my son hope he can do well.He is full of simple strategies to help my son improve his reading.He is also very patient with children. We were lost it took a while to find him at the library,he waited and calmly worked with my son.We came very far to meet him and was glad he waited.

Raquel - 05/06/2013
Lot of tricks!

Very helpful and personable, I feel so much more confident about the ACT now because of Tara. Also, easy to talk to and teaches lots of tricks for the test.

Alex - 13/01/2014
Very happy to have Tara as my tutor

I highly recommend Tara as your tutor. I decide to take the ACT and I have been working with him more than a month. He is an excellent tutor, very flexible, responsible and patient. I’m very happy to have Tara as my tutor.

Rosaling R - 21/11/2013
Made me think and figure out the problems myself

I needed help for the ACT test this past September and I contacted Tara for help. His response was within a day. He was full of knowledge and made me think and figure out the problems myself. The only thing that I found odd was that I had to bring my own work and supplies to the sessions. I was expecting to have a packet or something similar from him for me to work on. Also, it was a bit pricy but hopefully worth the score I’ll be receiving in a few weeks. Other than that he was a great teacher! Thanks Tara!

Colleen S - 16/09/2012
Explains math problems multiple ways

Great tutor, explains math problems a variety of ways and is very patient. He responded quickly and adjusted his schedule to fit mine. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their math SAT scores.

Emma F - 21/09/2008
Helpful in Math and English

Tara was really great! He helped me with my ACT scores in math and English and was very helpful!

Kathleen - 12/06/2013
UIUC admission after 3-4 points up per section on the ACT

Worked with Tara for a couple weeks on my ACT. He helped me improve my ACT score in each subject by 3-4 points and I was able to get into the engineering program at UIUC. With my old score, I definitely would not have been able to get into the engineering program and I might be stuck studying something that I did not enjoy. He is excellent in all the subjects of the ACT, and I would not be where I am today without his help. He is intelligent, nice, and incredibly patient. I would definitely recommend his help.

Thank you so much Tara!

Kenji W - 16/07/2019
Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!

Amazing Amazing Amazing! Tara agreed to tutor my 7th grader over Skype even though he normally works with much older students prepping for GRE and GMAT and the like. We were pretty desperate and, although we only had a few sessions (my son didn’t take well to Skyping because he is a super shy kid and not good with technology,) Tara was SO BRILLIANT explaining concepts to my little guy that he came away with such confidence that no other person (not even his Golden Apple Award winning math teacher) had been able to instill in him before. We are so grateful to Tara for helping our son. When Tara returns to Chicago we will have him here every single week. This guy can teach anyone. I’m not kidding.
Thank you, Tara!

Anna C - 21/03/2019
Genius in working with children: 66 to 97 in the math course

Unbelievable. He is a genius with working with children. He helped my child go from a 66 on a math test to 97. He just knows how children think about math.

Kathy B - 20/12/2012
Francis Parker: 95% on the placement test

Tara had 6 weeks to teach my son an entire year of pre-calculus in order to take the placement test at Francis Parker School (he wanted to skip pre-calculus and move up to calculus for his senior year college applications). Tara worked diligently with my son which resulted in a 95% on the placement test and successfully moved up! Great job!

Laura B - 19/10/2014
From C’s to A’s

I started tutoring with Tara 4 months ago and since then I have gradually improved on my weakest subjects: math and science. I struggled during my first semester of junior year, and I just had a difficult time grasping concepts. But with Tara’s help, my grades went from Cs to As and feel more confident in those subjects. Tara is a brilliant tutor and I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with him.

Flor F - 01/05/2013
A in the Trig class

Tara has been working with my high school junior for over a month now. He is reliable and flexible and my daughter seems to be understanding and doing well in her algebra with trig class at school, she has an A. Tara seems to have an easy efficient style of going over the work, He is also working with her on ACT test prep. We are very pleased with Tara and will continue to use Him as our tutor.

Dana C - 13/03/2014
From C to higher B

I am an exchange student from Kuwait and I was initially overwhelmed in the precalculus class. I had an aggregate C until I found Tara and after meeting with him on a weekly basis, my grade eventually climbed to higher B. I am using his service again this semester and I am pretty sure I will get an A this time. Tara was not only extremely smart (I never told him what we were going to cover in each session, he figured everything on the spot like he taught that class), diligent and versatile, he was extremely friendly and personable. He communicated really well and offered multiple points of view for each problem. With his inspiration and unique techniques he taught me, I was able to score well on the SAT too. Thanks a lot Tara. You cannot go wrong choosing him for standardized tests or any math course. If you are debating between taking Kaplan/Princeton Review courses and hiring a private tutor, I can say that you learn way more with a qualified private tutor like Tara.

Meshaal A - 09/11/2012
Very efficient with the Selective Enrollment Test

Tara has been tutoring my 8th grade daughter for her selective enrollment entrance exam for high school and I could not have chosen a better tutor for her math! Tara has been very detailed in turning my daughter’s weaknesses into strengths. Great ability in showing her exactly how to get the answers and make her fully understand what she is doing. He follows through with practice examples to ensure she is on task. After looking over my daughters notes from tutoring with Tara, I have been able to better understand math in a manner that I didn’t fully understand when I was in school. We will definitely keep Tara around for the Algebra exit exam and a tutor for high school should my daughter need one. Very professional and I highly recommend him!
Edit: I’d like to report that my daughter was accepted into her 1st choice school in selective enrollment, which was Jones College Prep. She was also accepted into Lincoln’ Park’s IB program. She has chosen the IB program at Lincoln Park of course. I am sooo glad we found Tara to tutor her with her math for selective enrollment entrance exam. Selective enrollment is very competitive. Had it not been for Tara and his skills in tutoring my daughter, I don’t believe she would have done as well. My daughter has always been an A student, but a “low” A student…90%-93%. After Tara tutored my daughter, her math was in the 97%, which made a huge difference in being selected for her choice of school. I HIGHLY recommend Tara if you are looking for someone who is professional, detailed and knowledgeable in math across the board, etc. Tara will work with your child on his/her level…figure out their weaknesses and quickly bring them up to where they should be. He will definitely be called upon should my daughter need tutoring in high school. Thanks again Tara, Theresa

Theresa B - 05/06/2013
Unleashed my true potential

Tara is a very intelligent man. He is calculated, meticulous and keen on making sure you understand the subject. His knowledge of mathematics and science, particularly chemistry and biology, is highly impressive. Since I began working with Tara, my grades in Chemistry and Geometry have both improved substantially. My experience with Tara has been both professional and conversational; he is easy to approach with questions but still maintains control over our sessions together. I am endlessly thankful to Tara for helping me access parts of my brain that I doubt I would have been able to access had I not met him.

Alex K - 30/01/2014
Helped my son gain interest in math

Tara is very easy to contact with. He has been working with my son for about half a year. I cannot say anything about grade improvements because he started to work at the end of the school year, and I didn’t get a new report card to compare. I know that is not easy to work with my son. So, I thought that after 1-3 tutor sessions he will stop working with Tara. On the contrary, my son started contacting Tara, even to work on his homework, which he was not doing at school. My purpose was not to just improve his grades, but to make him more confident. Overall, I am very satisfied.

Liliya - 15/10/2014
Helped me get a much higher grade than I expected

Tara was a great tutor for my calculus class and helped me get a much higher grade than I expected to get on my own. If he didn’t know an answer during one of our sessions, he researched it on his own time to find the answer. He was great at explaining things to me in a way that made sense. Very flexible schedule. I would highly recommend Tara as your tutor!.

Cassie B - 26/06/2014
Puts distant parent’s concerns behind

thank you so much. Evan was struggling with calculus and along came Tara. We calls when he is supposed to and always is available and follows through. Evan thinks he is awesome and explains everything so perfectly. Evan just had a midterm and said it would have been very difficult if not for Tara. Thank you so much for putting a distant parent’s concerns behind us. He’s a great contact. thanks, ellen

Ellen E - 28/10/2008
Calm and professional

Tara has been tutoring my son on the ISEE test for the past few weeks. He is patience and has a calm demeanor while working with children. Tara has been extremely professional with communication and his approach to teaching.

Donna - 23/12/2013
Takes his time to explain

Tara is an excellent tutor. I have learned so much these past few weeks. He is very patient and very detailed oriented if need be he will take the time to explain until you fully understand. Aside from being an excellent tutor, his greatest quality is he is flexible and willing to work around your schedule. I have referred friends and will continue to refer friends to Tara.

Maria - 17/02/2013
Exceptional with teaching B/C Calculus

Tara is an exceptional tutor. He has been working with my daughter on B/C Calculus over the past two months and he has made the challenging material and concepts clear. He comes to each session fully prepared and expects his students to do the same. The result is an increased confidence and academic success for his students.

Rina R - 23/11/2012
My daughter felt confident for the Selective Enrollment Exam

Tara helped my daughter prepare for her Selective Enrollment Exam. After several sessions my daughter felt confident and was prepared. He gave her examples and made sure she understood the problems by explaining to her step by step. He is very flexible with hrs and location. I highly recommend Tara.

Cynthia S - 15/01/2013

Tara managed to gain attention of our 14 year old son and is getting him ready for ISEE. Tara comes to our house, changes the schedule if necessary, and is highly professional. We highly recommend Tara as a tutor.

Alena H - 30/10/2012
Extremely courteous and responsible

Tara Bhatta (you have the wrong initial for his last name) was superb. Excellent instruction in excel and graphing. Spoke clearly and had an excellent command of the subject material. He showed up on time, was always extremely courteous and responsible. Highly recommended!

Helena R - 23/01/2009
Knowledgeable, patient and flexible

Tara has begun tutoring my daughter in advanced algebra and trigonometry and has quickly figured out the best learning approach for her. He’s extremely knowledgeable and patient and very flexible with scheduling.

Elaine W - 23/09/2013
Transformed our son’s confidence and ability to process math

Tara has been helping our son, who just finished his junior year in high school, with Alg2/Trig and ACT prep since last fall. Tara’s patience and dedication to our son’s learning style transformed our son’s confidence and ability to process math. We have had a string of math tutors before Tara and Tara was the only one that made a lasting difference-our son received a 96% on his final exam this year, above any expectation we ever had. His ACT score in math rose markedly after working with Tara. We also found Tara to be very flexible and go out of his way when we were in a bind to make scheduling work. We were frustrated parents who did not know how to help our son and Tara made a huge difference! Katy R

Kathy R - 30/06/2014
Makes the problems easier

Tara is great tutor, he’s clear, concise, and he make everything seem easy from a learning prospective

Terrae G - 05/09/2008
Reasonably priced given such a high rating

If your anything like me I base everything on good reviews-from beauty products, restaurants to tutors! This is the main reason I contacted Tara due to his amazing rating and it’s all true. I’m preparing for the basic skills test. I know this exam isn’t as rigorous as other exams but I have major test and math anxiety. Tara and I have been meeting once a week for about month and every session I’m feeling more and more confident. Tara is extremely patient but definitely challenges and pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. He is also very reasonable ($$) and works around your schedule. If your looking for someone to help you on your mathematical journey Tara is the tutor for you! Not only is he super intelligent he’s a very nice guy. If I have to be in contact with math Tara will be my tutor.

Natalie - 16/11/2013
Accommodating and trustworthy

My son, who is a junior in high school has been working with Tara over the last year on an as needed basis. He has really enjoyed working with Tara particularly because Tara explains math concepts to him in a way that he understands. I now want Tara to work with my son on a weekly basis to help him advance his math studies beyond his school work and for ACT prep. As a parent, Tara is always very accommodating and trustworthy. Thanks Tara!

Yesenia V - 16/07/2019
Excellent response

We haven’t decide when and how to start yet. But Tara responses are excellence. Thanks, David Zhao

David Z - 02/02/2014