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“I worked with Tara for several weeks this past spring on GMAT math, which culminated in a 770 GMAT score (99th percentile: 49Q / 45V). I'm writing this review because I am pleased with my score, and believe that Tara is directly responsible for the good results, as I had been scoring in the high-600s / low-700s on practice tests prior to working with him.”
-Calvin L
4.98 average rating from 167 students.
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Can’t recommend Tara highly enough for GMAT

Tara is a great tutor and I cannot recommend him highly enough for any test prep. Specifically, I used him for GMAT prep.

I began working with Tara a few weeks before my scheduled exam. I had not yet used a personal tutor and my progress had plateaued. Within the first week of working with Tara, my quant score showed significant improvement, which continued up until test day. In fact, my verbal score improved, as well, due to the pacing strategy that he suggested. Despite only working with him for a short while, my overall score improved greatly.

Tara has the ability to adapt to his students on the fly, and is skilled enough to write his own questions based on specific topics he might notice a student struggling with. He is incredibly knowledgeable in all subject areas and did a great job helping me improve in the areas I was struggling with the most.

In addition to being a great tutor, Tara was a great person to talk to. He was very much interested in getting to know me, and I believe that made a huge difference in the entire process.

I am very grateful for all of his help, and I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with Tara.

Mark Daugherty - 18/07/2018
Best tutor you could ask for

Tara is by far the best tutor you could ask for. I originally found Tara through an online tutoring website, and since I was studying for the GMAT I was immediately attracted to Tara’s background and expertise in mathematics.
After a few lessons with Tara, I was hooked. His teaching style is very easy to follow, and if you don’t understand a concept, he takes the time to explain in a way you can understand.

I also used Tara’s services for a certificate that is very reliant on the understanding of complex statistical analyses. Again, Tara came through with providing me with lessons that really helped me grasp the concepts and pass my exam.

Tara is very personable, and genuinely cares about his students and their success.

You will not find a better tutor.

Matthew T - 16/07/2019
Kellogg Part Time

I have had the pleasure of working with Tara on 2 occasions over the past few years. Tara first helped me prepare for the Quantitative portion of the GMAT exam. My comfort level and confidence increased significantly during the 8-10 weeks I worked with Tara prior to the exam. Once accepted to Kellogg’s part time MBA program I reached out to Tara again for tutoring in my Statistics course. Tara is extremely patient, and explains complicated concepts in a clear and understandable manner for students of all levels. I am lucky to have found Tara and would recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area looking for help with quantitative test prep or math courses in school.

Jason G - 13/06/2017
+100 points and admission to Booth

I contacted Tara as I was looking for assistance in preparing for the GMAT exam. Tara exceeded my expectations as a tutor and I am happy to recommend him to anyone preparing for a standardized exam. In addition to being very knowledgeable in the subject matter tested on the GMAT exam, I also found Tara to be great at communicating/explaining concepts. This is especially true of the math topics – this is obviously a passion of his. He was patient as we worked through the material and flexible regarding time/location for our meetings. At the price he is charging, I can safely say that a student of his gets much more than they pay for. After working with Tara, my score improved 100 points and I was admitted to The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Michael D - 01/04/2016
MBA at University of Chicago

After reading all Tara’s positive reviews, I decided to contact him for GRE tutoring. I’m so glad I did! During our first session, he determined a plan for the next few weeks. Tara was always patient and made unfamiliar concepts easy to understand. I struggled with some foundational quant concepts and Tara was able to explain them very clearly. My first GRE attempt was disappointing but after additional study time and focus on practice problems, I did end up scoring much higher on my second GRE attempt. I’m now an MBA candidate at the University of Chicago, and my time with Tara is coming in handy in my statistics class. Tara isnt’ just an excellent tutor. He’s also great to be around – always friendly and easygoing. Thank you, Tara!

Sarah J - 09/06/2019
UIUC admission after 3-4 points up per section on the ACT

Worked with Tara for a couple weeks on my ACT. He helped me improve my ACT score in each subject by 3-4 points and I was able to get into the engineering program at UIUC. With my old score, I definitely would not have been able to get into the engineering program and I might be stuck studying something that I did not enjoy. He is excellent in all the subjects of the ACT, and I would not be where I am today without his help. He is intelligent, nice, and incredibly patient. I would definitely recommend his help.

Thank you so much Tara!

Kenji W - 16/07/2019
Accommodating and trustworthy

My son, who is a junior in high school has been working with Tara over the last year on an as needed basis. He has really enjoyed working with Tara particularly because Tara explains math concepts to him in a way that he understands. I now want Tara to work with my son on a weekly basis to help him advance his math studies beyond his school work and for ACT prep. As a parent, Tara is always very accommodating and trustworthy. Thanks Tara!

Yesenia V - 16/07/2019