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Taking the test over and over again can be expensive and soul crushing, so I understand that students deserve a tutor who is not just doing his/her job, but actually cares about their success. Hundreds of my students have eventually gotten their target scores after seeking my guidance and help. I want to be there for everyone, and we will be in this together.

Let’s make this your last test!

For many people around the world, including those in developed countries, tutoring is typically not the first option for a profession. My story has been quite the opposite. I was a science student for 9 years. Then a researcher in genetics for a few as I tutored part time. While my interest in research faded, my popularity in standardized tests teaching spread very quickly. Following numerous recommendations and my own wish, I decided to dedicate my life to tutoring for the standardized tests.

People such as myself who are passionate in teaching usually end up in academic settings. Very few qualified educators are left to take care of those who desperately need help preparing for the tests that will decide their future. Every day, I work hard in order to come up with new tips that facilitate test preparation and to update the teaching for standardized tests. I have a strong passion for teaching, and it directly shows in my students’ results. I truly strive to revolutionize the methods of test preparation.

Preparing for a standardized test is not a fun journey. I am here to make the journey as easy and stress free as possible.


I have a Master of Science in Genetics from The University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Northeastern University. In the last 14 years, I have provided both one-on-one and small group lessons to 1000+ students worldwide. I have been ranked #1 among more than 60,000 worldwide tutors on universitytutor for 5 consecutive years with an average star rating of 4.97 out of 5, based on 93 student reviews. I also have an average of 5 star ratings on Yelp, Facebook and Google (please check the “Reviews” section for details).

My tutoring experience dates back much further than my 14+ professional years; I used to attend a boarding school in which a class of 40 students gathered around me for help a few days before every major exam. This experience was invaluable and helped me transition into professional tutoring.

While my strategies are best suited for students who aim for high scores (above 90th percentiles), I have worked with students with with a wide variety of experiences, target scores, as well as different amounts of prior preparation. Therefore, whether you significantly lack the content knowledge of the math on standardized tests or are a math expert who cannot finish the test due to poor time management, whether you have test-anxiety, dislike math, or have adopted bad habits from ineffective classes or tutoring, I design the most efficient lessons tailored to your needs, learning style, and personality.

My students have scored up to a perfect score on the GRE Quant, as high as a 770 on the GMAT, a perfect 36 on the ACT and 2310 out of 2400 on the SAT. On the GMAT, my students have improved by as much as 240 points; more than a dozen have improved by 100+ points.

Many of my previous ACT/GRE students have gotten admissions into Ivy League schools, The University of Chicago, Northwestern University and other top ranked universities, and more than fifty of my GRE/GMAT clients have been admitted to the Booth, Harvard, Kellogg, Stanford, Duke, Dartmouth, Berkeley, NYU, University of Michigan and other business schools. Please feel free read my reviews from different sources to hear from the students directly.

My love for teaching and overwhelmingly positive feedback from my previous students and their parents motivated me to pursue tutoring full-time. Now, tutoring is much more than just work for me — I plan to continue providing services as a tutor and educator and aspire to one day establish a non-profit organization devoted to helping underprivileged children both in the U.S. and worldwide.

I consider myself a mentor/coach first, then a tutor. Once the coach part of me gets to know you well and mentally designs the best plan that works for your specific needs, the tutor part of me generates the curriculum tailored for you. My responsibilities are not limited to teaching you the math and verbal content necessary for the test. My goal is to help you achieve your target score, and I do everything it will take to get you there, including exploring new teaching methods and creating new problems that fit your learning style. A vast majority of students struggle with translating what they learn from a specific problem into similar problems on the same topic. I train you to solve any problem that the test may throw at you. I treat my clients as a personal trainer would treat his/her trainees. I design and employ techniques that address your weaknesses, but I also make sure to fine-tune your strengths. An effective standardized tests training involves several other exercises such as learning shortcuts, guessing skills, and identifying specific sub-categories of questions when you see them on the test.

My previous students have stated in their reviews that I am very friendly, patient, and a great communicator. I believe in the Socratic Method of Teaching and like to help students gain confidence and independence by asking them a series of questions, guiding them to the solutions. A huge part of success on standardized tests has to do with timing. I specialize in shortcuts and more intuitive methods of solving problems, which benefit not only the students who have difficulty pacing themselves and finishing tests on time but also the ambitious students who want to score very high for top-tier schools.
I have experienced that, for many students, one of the greatest obstacles to learning is a lack of interest in the subject matter. I make math and science as fun and interesting as I can, so that my students become self-motivated. I also provide consultation on the emotional aspect of test-taking to students who have fear and anxiety of certain topics. I have been referred to as “a therapist in disguise” on more than one occasion. In other instances, a student and a parent called me “a (rock)star tutor”, which inspired the name of my practice (‘star’, by the way, is also the literal translation of my name, Tara, in my native language, Nepali).

Shortcuts and Alternative Methods
Out-of-the-box Thinking
Time Management
Guessing Skills and Taking Calculated Risks
I greatly value knowledge and expression, so my hobbies and interests are a huge part of my life.
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